Who discovered The protons and when

Published: 17th May 2010
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There isn't any fascinating history like the one about who discovered the proton. Scientific discoveries and advancements are very profitable and the milestones witnessed at present have formed the modern innovative technology, as we all know it. For the prestige that comes with scientific breakthroughs, more and more fans of science cannot help but stay at it. The proton was undoubtedly a ground breaking discovery and the future holds a lot more. The history dates back to the early years of the 20th century. Several names have been associated with suggesting the existence of the proton as described below.

The rationale why it is not always clear behind the discovery of the proton is that the method was slow and gradual. Many scientists played an enormous position in the final discovery of the proton. A few of the top names associated with the discovery are Thomson, Rutherford and Chadwick. However, many sources will name Earnest Rutherford as the person who first proved clearly the existence of the proton. A whole lot of work and research over the years has seen more and more scientists throw in their weight and take scientific discoveries to the next level.

Rutherford is not just the person who discovered the proton but he is additionally associated with discoveries of alpha and beta radiation. He additionally described the atomic nucleus first and his ground breaking work has undoubtedly changed the face of science. His extensive work that was outlined by convincing theories especially in the area of radioactive transformations of atoms, earned Rutherford a Nobel Prize in chemistry. His prize came in 1908 when the world of chemistry was about to embark on larger developments.

The man behind the proton discovery was an professional who went on to concentrate on atomic science and radioactivity. His was a compilation of theories that formed the basis for some of the most common truths in this field. He was the benchmark of authority in this area and this is the work that later paved way for higher understanding. For a long time, scientific mysteries had dogged society and the world was able to embrace the new discoveries that were becoming evident. Rutherford worked with many scientists who had their theories and collectively they explored numerous intriguing matters of science.

The scientist who discovered the proton attained their diploma from his native home of New Zealand. He was born in 1871 in the country and after completion of his studies; the tough financial occasions in that country saw him stay jobless. His desire was to secure a job as a schoolteacher and as alternatives became elusive, he moved on to greener pastures in the UK. He worked in many universities including Cambridge and Manchester. He became a professor and continued his teaching career as he taught and moulded future scientists. He was not just awarded the Nobel Prize but became an icon who had contributed enormously in physics. He was additionally honoured with Knighthood by merit owed to his worked. Rutherford died in 1937.

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